Our strenghts

Our success is anchored in the following principles:

  • Each individual situation has its appropriate solution, and we understand this.
  • The fitting of a resin floor covering is no great inconvenience. All our resins are premixed and solvent-free. Furthermore, the majority of application operations are carried out without masks.
  • For each product used and applied, 4m Europe can provide its customers with a complete documentation pack containing technical information, safety sheets, recent references and samples.
  • All our resins are homologated by specific European approvals and/or recognised by accreditations such as CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment), CSTC (Centre Scientifique et Technique de la Construction), BBA (British Board of Agrément), TNO, POLYMER INSTITUT, etc. We always have an eye on innovation in order to constantly improve our quality, and our suppliers develop their resins according to legislation in force. We therefore come up with solutions that specifically meet your needs.
  • Our teams of professional applicators are capable of installing your resin floor covering within a very short timescale, even when there are severe technical or organisational constraints. This allows you to keep your organisational problems or loss of production to a minimum during the fitting of a resin floor covering applied by our company. When you choose 4m Europe, you choose a resin floor covering of incomparable quality and great flexibility of execution.