Our varied solutions cover most, if not all, of your needs: dust-free, non-slip, acid-resistant, antistatic, corrosion-resistant, heat conductive, waterproof, flexible floor, self-levelling, coloured quartz, coatings, mortars, etc. Our floor coverings, offering ever-increasing performance and suitability, can be applied in all types of industries and on markets. All our projects are the proof of this!

We take charge of the whole project: from the preparation of the surface to the fitting of the final covering. We listen to you from start to finish. You can relax – our collaborators and applicators have great expertise in analysing problems, giving advice on the most appropriate solution and applying the product.

A resin floor covering fitted by our company is an optimal choice and offers rapid installation for industrial or commercial spaces. The benefits of resin floors are many and various, from application to installation. We therefore invite you to view the following headings for a brief glimpse of the advantages offered by resin: Coating, Self-levelling, Mortar, Car-parks, Granito/Terrazzo, Decorative floors, Design floors .