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If you are bound by any of the following constraints, our resin floor solutions are for you:

Completion deadlines, rapid interventions, resistance to chemicals (acids, solvents), resistance to mechanical and thermal stress, temperature tolerance, resistance to shock, impact, staining, puncture, tearing, abrasion or rolling, non-flammability, impermeability, non-absorbency, waterproofing, easy cleaning, easy disinfection, non-slip, conductive, antistatic, skirtings, joint treatments, UV resistance, aesthetic attractiveness, etc. Whether in an industrial or a commercial environment, 4m Europe will give you performance and longevity for your investment.

4m Europe provides you with close support in choosing the solution best suited to your floor, taking account of all factors and decision-making criteria. Each situation has its appropriate solution. These solutions are developed on the basis of studies carried out by our technical department and by constantly listening to our customers’ desires. For each sector of activity, there is a resin floor covering that meets your expectations and needs, and we will help you to make the best choice.

The aesthetic appearance and resistance of our resin floors allow them to be applied in any type of sector, on new or renovated surfaces. We have a number of references from satisfied customers, and invite you to see our heading Projects.