History & Activities

Founded in 1998, 4m Europe quickly established itself as a leader and an essential partner in the application of resin-based industrial and decorative solutions throughout the Benelux countries and beyond. Over the years, our organisation’s philosophy has been built on demanding standards and strict, appropriate technical procedures that ensure consistent quality in all our projects.

Our company is based at the very heart of Europe, in a building of 3000 m² that includes a purchasing centre, a huge storage area, offices, workshops and research laboratories.

In collaboration with our preferred suppliers and our experienced applicators, we run a training centre. We make it our objective to be constantly training the young applicators of the future so that they can become operational in the field.

Since 2005, our company has become an international group: first we expanded into our neighbouring countries with the subsidiaries 4m France and 4m Luxembourg, then turned eastwards to create 4m Poland before arriving in Asia with 4m China.

In 2006, 4m Design was born to satisfy the increasing demands of design consultancies looking for “Design” floor finishes. Through this division, 4m Europe develops varied and personalised solutions.

2008 saw the creation of 4m Life, to provide maintenance services for resin floors, and the 4m Screed department for the sale of additives and the training of floor layers in order to offer a complete “special screed and resin floor support”, so that we can give our customers even more guarantees.