Quality management is not just for other people – it is a concern for us, too. Consequently, 4m Europe is VCA** certified and in the process of acquiring ISO 9001/2004 certification in order to ensure the continuing improvement of its performance in terms of quality and safety.

Our company also places ever-increasing importance on improving its health and safety policy and environmental policy, in order to avoid accidents and achieve sustainable development. For example, we regularly train our applicators in product usage techniques and handling procedures for the manufacture and application of our resin floor coverings. This represents one of the most important aspects of our health and safety policy.


In recent years, the environment has become a central theme in the day-to-day management of businesses. Today, a business must not only comply with current legislation, but also anticipate the major environmental and commercial challenges of tomorrow by implementing appropriate management tools. We therefore strive to use our products as efficiently as possible, and we always give careful attention to the management of waste products after each intervention.