4m around the world

A business is primarily about the present, i.e. its objectives for the current year. However, it is vital to project into the future, as far ahead as the imagination can reach. And there’s certainly no shortage of imagination or ambition at 4m Europe! After all, our ambitions are the same as those of our customers.

The experience and expertise of our collaborators and applicators will provide you with resin solutions on all markets, beyond the borders of Belgium.

We have adopted a strategy of internationalisation in order to continue satisfying the numerous demands of our customers. Our success has enabled us to expand in other countries as well as Belgium, thanks to the exceptional quality of our resin solutions and the professional skills of our applicators. This means that we follow our customers all over the world to give them full satisfaction at all times, wherever they are. What gives our business its strength is the cohesion between the needs of our customers and the commitment of our personnel. That’s the secret!

In order to be as close as possible to our customers, we have therefore developed local structures in France, Luxembourg and Poland, using our own applicators trained in Belgium. Solid partnerships have also been cultivated over the years, particularly in countries such as Italy, the Netherlands and England.

We are a fast-growing business – and this is just the beginning, thanks to all those who put their trust in us.